Actors for a short movie

Looking for talented actors with experience to volunteer for our short student film!

The movie is about dealing with mental health, pills and the doings of our past hunting us. About accepting your past and moving on.

A very important project, you will do a great favor for a few motivated students. At it will be super fun! Good for your resume(:

1. Luna: tritagonist
female 17-22. A fragile, innocent and sensitive girl, she is very beautiful.
Her purpose in this movie is supporting Isaac. They are together for a few years, high school sweethearts. She is the only one that truly understands him. Sensitive, kind, and sweet.

2. Tim: antagonistic
male 20-30. Luna's big brother. He's tough, a bit of a buly, gets into a fight with Isaac(the protagonist). He should look a bit dangerous and threatening but it's also an emotional part. Challenging indeed, tough but also sensitive.

Shooting 29/5 from 2-3pm (Tim only needed from 8pm) into the night till 30/5 morning, with a few hours rest at night. Probably in Breda, not official yet.

We offer:
Build more experience before the camera and earn some new connections. Can be used for your portfolio! We will provide food and a place to rest.

Please send me an email with some details about yourself, pictures/videos!